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How would you compare the movies The Patriot and Shenandoah?

Shenandoah is the story of a widower patriarch Charlie Anderson living with his children in Virginia during the Civil War. Anderson takes neither side of the Confederacy nor t (MORE)

How to get into a band?

A. Very  easy, man. Just be prepared with your talent. And one thing is  important: you may be an awesome musician, but when it comes to  playing in a group, you gotta be v (MORE)

Why was the Shenandoah Valley so important to the Confederacy?

Virginia's Shenandoah Valley was important because of its fertile  farms and strategic importance. The productive farmland of the  Shenandoah Valley made it "The Breadbasket (MORE)
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Is shenandoah middle school haunted Miami?

they say it was a hospital not just for mental but anything and they say this girl leaned on the railing and fell from the 3rd floor and died they say another one was a janito (MORE)

What are shenandoah shrimp?

People from Schuykill County, Pennsylvania (aka Kooky Skookies) call Cheetos or any cheese curl or cheese puff type of food Shendoh Shrimp. They say Shendo instead of Shenando (MORE)

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