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What kind of messages do you get in folk songs?

Folk singers can compose any kind of songs they like, having any kind of messages they like. In the 1960's, there were a lot of anti-war folk songs, but there were also some p (MORE)

What is a folk song?

Folk Song   Folk song covers many musical styles but is usually referred to a narrative song that uses traditional melodies to speak on a particular topic. Topical folk so (MORE)

Can you give Ilocano folk songs?

Some Ilocano Folk Songs: 1. Manang Biday 2. Bannatiran 3. Ti Ayat ti Naysa Nga Ubing 4. Pamulinawen 5. Kasasad ti Kinabalasang 6. Duaduamem Pay 7. Imdengam O Imnas
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What are some Cambodian folk songs?

Two popular folk songs are "Bat Hamrong" and "Bat Sampong," though  there are countless numbers of folk songs, as Cambodians have  always expressed themselves through music (MORE)

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Who wrote the song old folks?

The Jonathan Winters song Old Folks, first-released on the Dejavu Record label as a single in 2006 and later released on the GRAMMY nominated (2009) Jonathan Winters - A Very (MORE)

What are some folk songs in Luzon?

Some Luzon folk songs include: Ano dawidtong nasa cogonLubi-lubi Manang bidaySarung BanguiSa higdaanNacadangog acoHinuni nin sarong gamgamSa luba coKaturugan Baco cundiSimong (MORE)