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How do I get to Hong Kong airport from Shenzhen?

Take the subway to Luo Hu / Lo Wu Cross the border (go through security checks etc) (You could of course take a taxi, but this is how you go on public transportation) (MORE)

Where Can You Find Shenzhen Guidebooks?

\n. \nHere are 2 Shenzhen guidebooks: "Living in Shenzhen" [1] , and "Shopping in Shenzhen" [2] .\n. \nThese books have been written by a community of expatriates living i (MORE)

Can us citizen travel to Shenzhen?

Yes. This is an International Travel so you need your passport anda Visa. Depending on your purpose, you need to have the right typeof visa to enter as it is part of China.
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Who is the manager of shenzhen development bank?

Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd. is a bank based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, People's Republic of China. The Chairman of the bank is Mr. Frank N Newman. It is one of China's pr (MORE)

What is shenzhen known for?

In 1979, Shenzhen - then a group of farming and fishing communitiesalong the Hong Kong border with a total population of a few hundredthousand - was designated the first of Ch (MORE)