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Where did the american eskimo dog originated from?

The American Eskimo Dog was originally the same dog as the German  Spitz. However, because of anti-German prejudice after WWI, when  these dogs were brought into the United (MORE)

Do Americans eat dog meat?

Several native tribes continue to eat dog meat. In the past, Americans from Ohio and New Jersey ate dogs as it was believed it could cure tuberculosis. In modern USA, dogs are (MORE)

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Are American bulldogs bird dogs?

That all depends on a few variables. What type of bird and does the dog hunt naturally. Most, but not all ABD's have a strong hunt instinct. That instict can be focused on cer (MORE)

What do American Eskimo dogs eat?

Eskies tend to be picky dogs, and will let you know right off the  bat what they will and will not eat for dinner. However, most  breeders will tell you to mix dry and moist (MORE)