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What is cooking sherry?

\nWell, its cheap sherry that you would consider not quite good enough for drinking, or any sherry that has been open to the air for long enough to alter its flavour slightly (MORE)

Who is Lee Sherry?

She is a graduate of Reed College (1970 - General Literature) and was a painter in New York and the art editor/designer of the poetry magazine Roof.
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Where is Sherrie Swafford?

Sherrie Swafford is known for being the former girlfriend of StevePerry. Today she is an esthetician and she also teaches yoga. Shenever married and has no children.

What does Sherry mean?

Sherry is the English version of Jerez in Spain where Sherry originates. It is a wine that is aged with either flor yeast or oxidation used to promote the formation of aldehyd (MORE)

Sherri hiner?

Our divorce is very hard on our whole family. Our choices have hurt everyone. As far as alimony, your comment is a joke. He still receives it while he competes against Mattres (MORE)

Who is Sherri Cruse?

She is a female motorcycling competitor in the motocross sphere. I believe she is related ( possible sister) of the late aviatrix ( and stunt pilot professional at that) Vicki (MORE)

Are sherry and cooking sherry different?

"Cooking sherry" is sherry of inferior quality with salt added to make it unpalatable for drinking. It was developed during a time when servants did most of the cooking, in or (MORE)