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What are the London stations?

If you mean Mainline Railway stations, there are quite a few, all running with different train companies. The Main ones are probably: Charing Cross (SouthEastern Trains) Water (MORE)

Is it a pump station or a pumping station?

Typically the term "pumping station" is what is used. When  referring to the individual pieces in the pumping station, these  would be called pump sets, and each area contai (MORE)

What is a station chef?

The station chef is usually in charge of just one part of the kitchen: for example, the soups, the salads, or the grill. They work under the sous chef or executive chef to mak (MORE)
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What is a station waiter?

is a person who works in a station and who is in charge for all the food service.

What rhymes with station?

aviation compilation nation occupation radiation satiation temptation   aggravation   tesolation   sensation   personification   masturbation   s (MORE)

What was station HYPO?

The US Navy Communications signal intelligence station at Honolulu, Hawaii called OP-20-02 that intercepted the Japanese naval code JN-25 with invasion plans of Midway Island
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What is the adjective for station?

The adjective for the noun station (workplace, depot) is the  rarely-seen stational. This is because the noun is so  frequently used as a noun adjunct (station hours, statio (MORE)
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How are satellites stationed?

The time for one (stable) orbit is directly linked to the orbital radius. At one particular radius (geostationary), the resultant stable orbit velocity is exactly enough to ma (MORE)