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What is a shift?

move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a  small distance

Can there be purple shift aswell as blue shift and red shift?

Redshift and blueshift refer to a change in frequency of light we  receive from distant objects (stars, galaxies, etc.) The light can  turn different colors, and purple is o (MORE)

What is the Doppler shift?

A Doppler shift is the change in a wave's wavelegnth caused by the motion of the source relative to that of the observer. The Doppler shift can be easily detected in sound b (MORE)
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What is blue shift?

  Blue shift is a phenomenon whereby a moving object emits light in such a way that the waves of light actually posses a higher frequency than when emitted. Its like a pit (MORE)

What is shift f7?

Shift F7, or more correctly written SHIFT+F7, is a shortcut key in Microsoft Word to open the built in Thesaurus. If you happen to have a word highlighted or simply have the c (MORE)

What is shifting cultivation?

Shifting cultivation is an agricultural system in which plots of land are cultivated temporarily, then abandoned. This system often involves clearing of a piece of land follow (MORE)

What is a red shift?

Red Shift is a colour spectrum (a strip of light containing the  colours of the rainbow) that has black lines moving across it that  prooves galaxies in space are moving fur (MORE)

Shift in demand?

Laws of demand and supply is based on the assumption that other things (given market, fixed set of customers whose income are not changed whose taste remains same and the pric (MORE)
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How do you m shift?

Relax. Let your mind go into a dreamlike state. Ask your inner wolf to help you transform. It will come to you in your mind and help your mind transform, if you are focused. L (MORE)