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What is the problem between the Shiite and the Sunnis?

shia and sunni have mainly conflict on Imamat (leadership). shia say Imamat is one of 5 pillars of Islam and only God can select leader for people. but sunni say Imamat is n (MORE)

Who are shiite Muslims?

A branch of Muslims that believe in Imamat as one of five pillars of Islam. Imamat means that based on Quran only God has the right to select the leader and no human even prop (MORE)

What do the Sunnis and the Shiites have to do with the Iraq War?

In Iraq, people traditionally organize politically by their religious group. As a result, there have been numerous confrontations between Iraq's diverse population for politic (MORE)

What does shiite mean?

Answer 1 The word shiite means "followers; members of party". As such, the term "Shi'a"alone has no negative or positive meaning unless we specify the leader of the party. If (MORE)

What are Sunnis and Shiites?

Answer 1 Shiites and Sunnis are the two largest sects of Islam. They basically are in concord on the fundamental principles. They all believe in the Unity of God, in Prophet (MORE)

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What were Sunnis and Shiites?

the friends and followers of Ali believed that after the death of  prophet, the caliphate and religious authority belonged to ALI.  they are famoused as shiites . this belie (MORE)

What are the Shiites and Sunnis?

Prophet Muhammad did not leave a successor after his death, leaving his community to chose between the best of his companions. The first caliph was Abu Bakr, the Prophet's bes (MORE)
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What differentiates a Sunni from a Shiite Muslim?

th cause or reason of the separation of the Shiite minority from the Sunni majority :the friends and followers of Ali believed that after the death of prophet, the caliphate a (MORE)

What can you do about Shiites?

The implication behind this question is that there is something  wrong with Shiites or that Shiites should be "fixed". This is a  very flawed perspective. You should reach o (MORE)

Were the Mughals Shiites?

there were not shia..according to sources, Mogul in the period of  Akbar Shah announced Dine Ilahi as his religion. this religion is a  collection of Islam, Hinduism, Christ (MORE)