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What is the latitude and longitude of Shikoku?

The Japanese island of Shikoku has an approximate latitude of 33°45′N and a longitude of 133°30′E. As the island has an area of approximately 18,00 k ( Full Answer )
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What is shikoku?

Shikoku is both the name for the smallest of the Japan's main islands and a breed of dog.
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How much do shikoku inu puppies cost?

They are probably very expensive and it would depend on where you chose to purchase, from a breeder, or at a dog show, or at a pet store. You would have to check your area.
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Where is shikoku city in japan?

shikoku is an island but there is no city by that name the closest named city to that which happens to be on shikoku island is shikokuchuo city in ehime prfecture
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What is the climate in shikoku?

Shikoku , island (1990 pop. 4,240,265), 7,247 sq mi (18,770 sq km), S Japan, separated from Honshu and Kyushu by the Inland Sea. The smallest of the major islands of Japan, it ( Full Answer )
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Where is the island of Shikoku located?

The island of Shikoku is located in Japan, East Asia. It is 225 kilometres long about 139 miles, and between 50 -100 kilometres wide. The town has a population of over 5 mill ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Shikoku - 1999?

The cast of Shikoku - 1999 includes: Reila Aphrodite Shino Kaneko Chiaki Kuriyama as Sayori Hiura Yui Natsukawa as Hinako Myoujin Michitaka Tsutsui as Fumiya Akizawa