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What is the King's shilling?

I think you're probably looking for King's Shilling. If so, you'll find a reasonable explanation here:

What is a king shilling?

A King's shilling was the money given to recruits of the Armedforces of the UK during the 18th and 19th centuries. The practiceof receiving a King's shilling ended in 1879.

What is a carnival shill?

A carnival shill is someone who works for the carnival and gets people to play the games by convincing the carnival goers that they are easy to win. There are many ways carniv (MORE)

What is the Shilling symbol?

If the question is regarding the pre-decimal British coin, the symbol is a lower case "s". For example, Two Shillings can be expressed as 2s, which is how it may have appeare (MORE)

What is a Victorian Shilling?

A Victorian Shilling is a Shilling coin (of 12 Pence) that was issued during the reign of Queen Victorias and has an image of Queen Victoria on the obverse (front). They were (MORE)

What is the sign for a shilling?

The sign for the British Shilling was an S if a sign was required. £1/2/6 or £1/2/6d represented One Pound, Two Shillings and Sixpence. The Shilling value is between th (MORE)

What is the definition of shillings?

The Shilling was a sub-unit of currency of 12 Pence that was used in Britain and the currencies of any country using a currency based on the British Imperial currency system o (MORE)

Does a shilling say shilling on the coin?

British Shillings have ONE SHILLING inscribed on the reverse of the coin from late 1887 onwards. British Shillings minted from early 1887 back into history, do not have any i (MORE)

What were florins and shillings?

A Shilling was a coin with a value of 12 pence. A Florin was a 2 Shilling coin. Both of these coins were used in Britain and many BritishEmpire/Commonwealth countries. At Brit (MORE)