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Why does Mazda Protege shimmy when braking?

Answer . Odds are it's probably not just your Mazda. Most vehicles do that when the rotor is shot or warp\ped. The rotor is the big disc (or cd) that the disc brakes app (MORE)
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Tires sound out of balance no shimmy?

If the tires sound out of balance but the car is not shimmying, itcould be that the balancing weights fell off one of the wheels.Noisy tires are also tires that have too littl (MORE)
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Why would the steering wheel shimmy?

it depends.could be a bad tire with a broken belt or maybe even a wheel bearing.if it only shimmys when braking then thats a brake rotor
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Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff shimmy shimmy pow?

Now you just took it too far ! Don't tell the Cocoa Puff bird! Oh my! What a great walk down memory lane finding the links below. Thanks, I enjoyed every minute of it.
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What is a pool-shootin'-shimmy-shyster?

A pool-shootin' boy by name of Willie McCoy (but down home, they called him Slim), once told me that that is a term for a pool hustler or a pool shark. "Shyster" is a term gen (MORE)
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Why does your car shimmy and shake?

My car does not shimmy or shake, as I do not have a car... I believe you must be referring to YOUR car, am I correct? Five Main things may cause this: Number one is an (MORE)
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Who wrote the lyrics to shimmy shimmy ko ko bop?

Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop (1959) Words and music by Bob Smith. The lyrics were basically a mating incantation sung by a native girl to the singer of the song, Little Anthony ( (MORE)
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Why does your car shimmy when you apply the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You will need to have the rotors turned or replaced and new brake pads installed. Warped rotors are caused by over tightening the lug nuts or by excess (MORE)
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How do you use shimmied in a sentence?

After reaching the most narrow passages of the cave, he shimmied his way through the tunnel laying on his back and pushing with his heels, wiggling his entire body left and (MORE)