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Why does a Saturn shimmy while braking?

    Answer     When disk brake rotors get old they usually warp a little, causing disk brake "chatter". Fortunately, the rotors are easy to replace, even for (MORE)

Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff shimmy shimmy pow?

Now you just took it too far ! Don't tell the Cocoa Puff bird! Oh my! What a great walk down memory lane finding the links below. Thanks, I enjoyed every minute of it.
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What is a pool-shootin'-shimmy-shyster?

A pool-shootin' boy by name of Willie McCoy (but down home, they called him Slim), once told me that that is a term for a pool hustler or a pool shark. "Shyster" is a term (MORE)

Why does your car shimmy when you apply the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You will need to have the rotors turned or replaced and new brake pads installed. Warped rotors are caused by over tightening the lug nuts or by excess (MORE)

Why do cars shimmy when they stop?

If the car shakes when stopping you probably have warp brake rotors  (discs). Have a trusted mechanic inspect those brakes for safety  sake.    Define shimmy. Heavy b (MORE)

How do you use a shimmy to unlock your car?

The tool is also called a slip stick or a jimmy and doesn't always work well with newer vehicles. You slip the jimmy down between the glass and the door then try to locate and (MORE)