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What does ougan kokoro no megami mean?

I think that it means something along the lines of "spirit of the golden heart", I may be wrong but this is how I translated it. Breaking it down into its individual component (MORE)

Can the female protagonist date akihiko sanada in persona 3 portable?

yess!! but you need to answer right on the 4th,6th, and 9th social link. Rank 4: Tell him that the rumor about you and Junpei dating is false, and that you don't want him (MORE)

Are there any Gameshark codes for Persona 3 FES?

Persona 3 FES Enable Code (Must Be On) 90506658 0C14193E Money Codes Inf Max Money 2083A6DC 0098967F Character Codes Hero Codes (Aigis Codes in Answer) Hero Ma (MORE)

What is a persona?

A 'Persona' is a 'social role', or the role played by an actor. Itis how you appear to the world, a mask, of sorts. For example youact differently when you are around differen (MORE)

Does the main character die in persona 3?

Yes minato dies in the arms of the girl with the red headphones NO he does not die in the arms of the girl with the red headphones for one. He died in the arms of Aegis, the (MORE)

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