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Why do the stars shine?

Its because of nuclear fusion. In a star, four hydrogen-2 atoms form into a helium-3 atom, and according to e=mc2, releases a lepton and photon, which is then turned into ene (MORE)
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What does shine stand for?

"SHINE" stands for "Self-Help International Network Enterprise", which is greatly instrumental in creating careers for individuals around the globe as Social Entrepreneurs, In (MORE)
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What is The Shining about?

It is a fictional psychological horror movie/book, about a man witha violent and alcoholic past and his son (danny age 5) and his wife(wendy). To get extra money he signs up f (MORE)
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What is the Latin for shine on?

The latin phrase for shine on is "fulsi in." It literally means "to flash upon" but it's close enough to mean shine on.
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Why does a light shine?

A lightbulb shines because electricity passes through a filament, making the filament hot. When anything gets hot enough it will emit visible light. Cooler things emit invisib (MORE)
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What to do when the sun is not shining?

well no one knows i think we would go live on mars but it would be a bad idea but yer i don't understand why earth don't have warmth cause we have a core of the earth so i don (MORE)
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Do shinee have girlfriends?

At the moment only Jonghyun has a girlfriend: Shin Se Kyung. Some people like them making out and some does not.

Can shinee have girlfriends?

Jonghyun from shinee has a girlfriend named shin se kyung, I don't think the rest do.
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What is the shining in the novel the shining?

The shining is a talent or gift that the main character, a little boy named Danny, has. When Danny "shines" he has physic capabilities and is able to see things that no one el (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to Shine Jesus Shine?

Lord the Light of Your Love is shining, In the midst of the darkness shining, Jesus, light of the world, shine upon us, Set us free by the truth You now bring us, Shine on me. (MORE)