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What is shingles?

Shingles is an infection of nerves and the area of skin around them. It is caused by the herpes varicella-zoster virus, which also causes chickenpox. A According to the UK (MORE)

How do you get shingles?

You get Shingles from the virus Herpes Zoster. After one is exposed to and has chickenpox, this virus stays in the system and is sometimes re-activated as the Shingles. Shingl (MORE)

Who can get shingles?

Its mainly common in men and women over 50 but from experience, 11 year olds can get it too! ( yes i am 12 and i had shingles at the start of year 7). the only reason young pe (MORE)

What is a shingle?

A shingle is a fixture that is used to cover a roof. Shingles aremade from different materials including asphalt, metal, and slate.

Can you get shingles from a person with shingles?

No, but you can get chicken pox if you haven't had it before. Most at risk are young children and pregnant women. Other than that, most people have had chicken pox. Shingles i (MORE)

Can you get shingles from shingles?

No. In fact, the only thing that you can get shingles from is your own body. The herpes zoster virus which causes shingles is actually the same virus that causes chickenpox. A (MORE)

What is shingles-?

The official definition for the word shingles is "an acute, painful  inflammation of the nerve ganglia, with a skin eruption often  forming a girdle around the middle of the (MORE)