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What is Shinji Harako and Kisuke Urahara's relationship?

The two share a farily good relationship, having both been captains of the Gotei 13 100 years ago. Shinji was willing to give Urahara a few tips when it came to Hiyori Sarugak (MORE)
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How did shinji hirako become bald?

When Sosuke Aizen was Shinji's lieutenant, Aizen decided to give his captain a haircut while he was asleep. In the morning Shinji awoke bald. Aizen said he "accidentally" over (MORE)

Do shinji and Asuka end up together?

Sort of. They end up literally together and alone (for the time being). I'd say that the symbolism and the general thrust of the narrative imply they'll be together as a coupl (MORE)

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