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How did Shinto begin?

The "How" may be hard to say. I imagine some people where worried about some transcendent questions and their spirituality and tried to find some answers. Shinto (literally, t (MORE)

What is Shinto?

Shinto is a polytheistic religion in Japan. They believe that everyone and everything has a soul. They teach respect for nature, the love of simple things, and the concern of (MORE)

Who was the founder of Shinto?

Shinto is an ancient animistic religion of Japan that is very loosely organized and it varies from village to village. It doesn't have a founder, it is that old. Many Japanese (MORE)

Why was Shinto started?

Shinto was not "started", like Christianity. It developed as the native primitive religion of the Japanese people thousands of years ago. It changed and developed and evolved (MORE)

What are the writings of Shinto?

Shinto has no writtings! Followers of Shinto believe in Kami! Kami (there equivalent to a god) are spirits that take the form of such things as rain, wind, rivers and mountain (MORE)

Who was the the founder of Shinto?

There is no recorded founder of Shintoism. The nature of thereligion is not recorded nor does it have a sacred ethical code.The religion is based in polytheism, and divine bei (MORE)

Are the Shintos polytheistic?

Shintoism is really a form of ancestor worship and as such it is not concerned with gods, either multiple or single, however, prior to WW II the Emperor of Japan was regarded (MORE)
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Where is Shinto ruins?

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What or who is the God of Shinto?

The Shinto religion has many Gods. They are called Kami. The sun goddess is known as Amaterasu-o-mi-kami who was born from Izanagi and Izanami the Gods who formed the island o (MORE)