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What does NCM mean on shipments for Argentina?

NCM (translates to MCN-Mercosur Common Nomenclature) is the harmonized tariff schedule related to international commerce within Mercosul, the south American common market (Arg (MORE)
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What is ddp shipment?

A transaction in which the seller must pay for all of the costs related to transporting the goods and is responsible in full for the goods until they have been received and tr (MORE)

What is ddu shipment?

DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) Seller fulfills his obligation to deliver when the goods have been made available at the named place in the country of importation. The seller ha (MORE)
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What is Shipment Outscan?

An outscan is when the package leaves the facility - either in  transit to another destination, or out for delivery.
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What is COD shipment?

Cash on delivery.   You pay for it when it's delivered instead of when you ship it. Usually the addressee is who pays for it.
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What is the port of shipment?

Port of shipment refers to incoterms 2000.   It is the exporter's port, the port where the goods come from.     For example under the CIF term it says that the sell (MORE)

How do you procedure sea export shipment?

Well first you must go through the a b process before doing this. once you have done this it becomes a natural export.
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What is meaning Payment by MT 103-23 shipment by shipment?

MT-103 FORMAT FIELD23 This is an extract from the official SWIFT User Handbook. The field specifications for Field 23 (23B: Bank Operation Code / 23E: Instruction Code) are sh (MORE)

Do alkaline batteries have to be taped for shipment?

Yes, it's not because of the material inside the battery, but to prevent the terminals from touching other batteries. If battery terminals touch they can create heat which, in (MORE)

Who pays to repackage shipment if fedex inspects your shipment?

FedEx does not inspect shipments. Shipments that go between countries will be inspected by border inspectors from the country that is being shipped to. Packages that open or f (MORE)