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Where does the shire come from?

England The word derives from ' scir ' in Germanic languages meaning giving power to an official. In England from 900AD areas of the kingdom formed separate 'shires', which (MORE)
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What is the shire?

The shires horse is a 'heavy' horse, also known as a draught horse often used for pulling carts. These are one of the biggest horse breeds.
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What is Shire Reve?

A reve of the shire was the equivalent of today's Sheriff. . A Reve was the appointed official, by the Lord of that SHIRE/County, who carried out the law of the Lord and in s (MORE)

What is a shire?

Tolkien borrowed the word from Old English, where its meaning wasroughly the same as the modern english word county or thefrench word parish refering to a smaller part of (MORE)

Where do shires originate from?

If you mean the district around a major town: . england . If you mean the large draft horse: . england. If you mean the breed of dog:. england

What is the Shire Describe it?

The shire is the home of hobbits. Most of the homes are holes inhills, but these are nice holes, not dark dirty ones. Most of thehobbits that live in the Shire are farmers and (MORE)
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How do you get a shire on Howrse?

Shires are Draft Breeds - and Howrse doesn't have Draft Breeds. Chances are, if anyone has one - it's an altered Friesian (the closest Draft breed we have). There are vario (MORE)