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What is multi-shirking?

Multi-shirking, multi shirking or multishirking, is a newish and contemporary word, invented during latter part of the 21st century. This word "must" have come out of then new (MORE)
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What is the importance of avoiding the sin of shirk?

The act of associating partners with Allah, is called Shirk. The Quran calls people to accept the oneness of Allah and  prohibits people from associating partners with Him (MORE)

What is a sentence with the word shirk in it?

To shirk a responsibility is to avoid or ignore it. Example : "Billy would often go off and shirk his task to walk the dogs."
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Why is shirk bad?

I am 14 and to me, I think that the reason that shirk is bad is because god(Allah) does not want people worshipping anything but him.Thats why it is the only sin that is unfor (MORE)

Why was shirk the worst sin in Islam?

Shirk is the worst sin in Islam because that means that the person  is no longer a Muslim they no longer believe in what Muslims  believe. More specifically shirk is to wors (MORE)

What are the types of shirk?

In the Arabic language, Tawheed literally means "unification" (making something one) or "asserting oneness", and it comes from the Arabic verb (Wahhada) which itself means to (MORE)
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What is the concept of tawhid and shirk?

Tawhid means belief in one God only. It is the first and foremost concept in Islam. It also means to rejection to worship anyother living or non-living things as god. Shirk is (MORE)

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What is the Hebrew word for shirk?

It depends on how "shirk" is meant.    If it is referring to the English verb "to shirk", as in to avoid  or neglect a responsibility, it would be = lehishtamet (לה (MORE)