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Who is Shirley Muldowney?

  She is (alive at this writing) a woman racing-car driver specializing in Drag racing and the quarter mile strips. She has had many accidents and was once hospitalized fo (MORE)

What are the words to Faded Rose by Shirley Caesar?

  Worship the Lord tonite, Just Worship Him. Hallelujah. He's worthy of double honor, He's worthy of double praise. Petals from this faded rose Momma is all I have to giv (MORE)

What are the lyrics to faded rose by shirley Caesar?

Petals from this faded rose is all I have to give. Diamond Rings and silver things, I never had it to give, but Mama I tried to make you happy while you lived. If I had a mill (MORE)

Who Shirley Temple is?

Shirley Temple was a movie star in reproduction of classic movies, now she's just famous from her movies, and for all those who think she's dead, HECK NAW. She's still alive a (MORE)

Who is shirley toulson?

Shirley Toulson is a writer, poet, and editor who was born on May  20, 1924. She was married to Alan Brownjohn, and they had three  children together before divorcing in 196 (MORE)