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What is Shirley Maclaine famous for?

Shirley Maclaine is famous for being a film and TV actress, singer, dancer, activist and author. She is best known for have a strong interest in the area of New Age metaphysi (MORE)

Who is Shirley Muldowney?

  She is (alive at this writing) a woman racing-car driver specializing in Drag racing and the quarter mile strips. She has had many accidents and was once hospitalized fo (MORE)

Shirleys prize possession on Laverne and shirley?

Boo boo kitty! carmine got shirley a stuffed kitty at the fair and shirley almost always has it with her! ;)
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Who was Shirley Chisholm?

Shirley Chisholm was the first African American Congresswoman; there had been black senators and representatives in congress, but until she was elected in 1968, they had all b (MORE)

Who Shirley Temple is?

Shirley Temple was a movie star in reproduction of classic movies, now she's just famous from her movies, and for all those who think she's dead, HECK NAW. She's still alive a (MORE)

There were allegedly two different endings for the film Sweet Charity one upbeat the other sad or borderline tragic Why was this done actress was Shirley Maclaine Help?

Yes There were two different Endings, This has been a favorite film of mine for 30 odd years, The one i knew best was when Charity is wolken up on a park bench by two members (MORE)

Who is shirley toulson?

Shirley Toulson is a writer, poet, and editor who was born on May  20, 1924. She was married to Alan Brownjohn, and they had three  children together before divorcing in 196 (MORE)