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Who was shivaji maharajah?

Shivaji is the son of Mr shahajiraje Bhosale & Shivaji Mother Name is Mrs Jijabai
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Shivaji was a rajput?

Ya Shivaji was a Rajput , when the Brahmins refused to confer the Kshatriya status to Shivaji, then Shivaji called a notable Brahmin Gaga bhatt from Varanasi and he traced the ( Full Answer )
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How did shivajis brother sambhaji die?

Shivaji's elder brother , Sambhaji, was killed in battle due to treachery of Afzal Khan in early 1650's
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Where did shivaji killed aurangzeb?

Aurangzeb was not killed by anyone, He expired in a very good condition while he was praying, He was a very good human being but still people say bad about him for some politi ( Full Answer )
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What is the height of chhatrapati shivaji maharaj?

I went to panhala fort in kolahpur.There steps and all are built with unusual height. my guide told me that it is because people in those times had average height of 8 feet an ( Full Answer )
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How old is Shivaji?

Shivaji was born on February 19, 1630 and died on April 3, 1680. Shivaji would have been 50 years old at the time of death or 385 years old today.
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Is shivaji kurmi?

Yes he was a kurmi.And this is also correct that he was 8thgeneration gehlot sisodia rajput from chittour.Kurmis are ancientvedic kshatriya who abdandoned fighting due to lack ( Full Answer )
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Where is shivaji throne?

When Britishers left India, they took Kohinoor diamond, Shivaji'sthrone and his Bhavani sword with them.
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Who married shivaji?

The wives of shivaji were Sai bai (Nimbalkar),Soyarabai (Mohite),Putalabai (Palkar),Laxmibai (Vichare),Kashibai (Jadhav),Sagunabai (Shirke),Gunvantibai (Ingale),Sakavaarbai (G ( Full Answer )