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How do you shoot?

Just hold it with two hands then push and let go at the same time.
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How do shooting sleeves improve your shooting?

shooting sleeves keep your arm warm... they also keep your elbows straight when you shoot...NBA players also wear them to cover up inappropriate tattoos and cuts.. and just fo ( Full Answer )
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What is a shoot?

According to the Princeton web dictionary: . hit with a missile from a weapon . kill by firing a missile . blast: fire a shot; "the gunman blasted away" . film: make a fil ( Full Answer )
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How long do shooting stars shoot?

Shooting stars are just big balls of firey gas so it just depends on how big they are, it will eventually burn out but the bigger it is the longer it lasts. And please don't ( Full Answer )
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Why film shooting is called shooting?

The first camera was designed like a gun, with the lens capturing the action fitted in the muzzle. The camera's handler had to hold the camera like a gun to capture the image ( Full Answer )
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Why do shooting stars shoot?

"Shooting stars" is a slang term for meteors and meteorites. They seem to shoot across the sky because when they fall into our atmosphere from outer space, they get so hot tha ( Full Answer )
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What are shoots and examples of shoot system?

Shoots are the part of a plant that usually develop above the ground. They include organs such as leaves, buds, stems, flowers, and fruits. Examples of shoot systems are a ( Full Answer )
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What makes shooting stars shoot?

They are chucks of rock and debris from old comets, drawn into Earth's orbit by our gravity. Since they are travelling very fast, when they enter our atmosphere, the friction ( Full Answer )