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What does a secret shopper have to do?

This is a way to earn extra cash by observing the performance at retail stores and purchasing products to see if other consumers would be interested in that product.
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What is a mystery shopper?

Answer \n. \nA mystery shopper is essentially someone who poses as a real customer for a store or a restaurant and secretly evaluates things about the business such as cust (MORE)

Which companies hire mystery shoppers?

Mystery shopping is a common practice in many industries to assess customer service performance. The companies use mystery shopping to understand their customer service delive (MORE)

What does a personal shopper do?

  Someone who gives advice to others on what to buy. Mostly fashion related. Usually employed by retailers. They may believe they are providing a real service and their in (MORE)

What is shopper marketing?

Shopper Marketing recognizes that there is a significant difference  between shopping and consuming, and what drives a consumer to use a  brand or product is different from (MORE)

Who is the online shopper?

If you are asking about who a online shopper is, a online shopper is someone who uses the internet to order or buy things from shops. It is quite good as you can save time goi (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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What is a discriminating shopper?

The term usually refers to persons who shop with a lot of common sense. They buy things that are needed and don't do a lot of impuse buying. More important, they know how to l (MORE)

Is there an apostrophe in shoppers?

The noun shoppers is the plural form of the singular noun shopper.  A plural noun does not use an apostrophe.   When an apostrophe (') is added to the s at the end of the (MORE)