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What is the largest shopping mall in London?

      London was yesterday, the official home of Britain's largest shopping mall with the launch of the $2.8 billion Westfield London Shopping Centre in Shepherd's (MORE)

What is the Advantages of shopping in shopping mall?

Local, ability to see and have hands on examination of the product,human interaction regarding questions on the product, options tocompare with a like for like, take away imme (MORE)

Is a shopping mall a functional region?

Yes. The shopping mall is a center or point where people around go to shop. The farther away from the shopping mall, the least likely people with shop there and more likely pe (MORE)

How many pennies are in a shopping mall?

This is a relatively common interview question. It seems more  important to discuss your process of thinking rather than coming up  with an actual answer. Let's say the aver (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of shopping malls?

Well at a shopping mall people can bring guns and shoot people, believe me it happened at a mall near me. also you can get lost and have to ask creepy people where some thing (MORE)

What is the effect of shopping malls on society?

Firstly, there is the urge to buy even if it is unnecessary. The shopping mall ls there offers upon offers that catches the customers eyes, who had the intention o (MORE)