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What is the definition of shopping mall?

A shopping mall is a large commercial complex containing retail facilities such as stores and restaurants. It may also contain facilities for entertainment such as movie theat (MORE)

Is there a vans shop in the Aventure mall?

Sorry there is no Vans shop in Aventura Mall. I know because i stay right in the area and it is like my favorite place to shop. But i do have the basic shoe stores: footlocker (MORE)

What is the first shopping mall in the Philippines?

In 1877, the Englishman Henry Hoskyn, nephew of Nicholas Loney, the first British vice-consul in Iloilo, paid P17,000 for the house and lot at the midpoint of Calle Real which (MORE)

Why do you need shopping malls?

We need shopping malls because it is so much easier having a whole pile of shops in one place. We use these shops often and not having to travel far is so good. It is also gre (MORE)

What are the differences of mall and small shop?

Malls generally have every thing at one place where as small shops doesn't have that facility. In Malls you can find wide range of collection, You can find all branded items (MORE)

What should be the objective of a shopping mall?

The objective of a shopping mall should be to provide a wide  selection of products to consumers. This will also mean that there  are fair prices due to the healthy competit (MORE)