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How do you take short videos with a Canon A610 camera?

It would take too long (not to mention become a potential copyright issue) to list the full instructions, so you should visit the Canon website at (MORE)
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Why is photo booth cutting my videos short?

my photo booth has the same problems.. i've been looking everywhere for the answer why it cuts it short but all there saying is use imovie until the problem is fixed i have b (MORE)
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Write a short note on video controller?

The video controller is an interface between the monitor and the cpu. The video controller determines many aspects of a monitor's performance, such as resolution or the number (MORE)

How do you make a short anime video?

This is really simple. First, you need to download the parts, or if you have the anime on a CD, save the episodes on your computer. Get a Movie/Video editor, and edit the (MORE)
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What are some good shorts videos?

If searching for good short videos, YouTube is recommended. Browse through the home page, there is a range of videos to select from. For example a short animation, documentary (MORE)
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Where online can a person watch short videos?

There are many sites on the internet to watch short videos. One of the most popular sites is YouTube which is home to videos made by professionals and amateurs. Vimeo and Dail (MORE)