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What does maizena do in baking shortbread?

Maizena (cornflour) enhances the crumblyness of shortbread - since it is gluten free, it mixes in with wheatflour and disrupts the gluten bonds which would otherwise form. Ho (MORE)

How long does shortbread last for?

Normally homemade shortbread will keep for up to three months in an airtight container. It also freezes well, should you wish to keep it for longer than three months.
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Do they still make baders shortbread cookies?

apparently not. For what I read the owner sold his business long ago. He had another bakery and kept baking those cookies but for what I read after a while he shut down the bu (MORE)

Can you use margarine for shortbread?

yes, but do not use "lite" or "low-fat" margarine. If you make shortbread using margarine in place of real butter your shortbread will taste more like a store-bought, commer (MORE)

How do you make caramel shortbread?

  You can go to places like,, and to find recipes such as this. This recipe came from The user who (MORE)

What does it mean when someone calls you shortbread?

It usually means you are weak and soft. Very sensitive it's not a bad thing nor good but it could make people really happy or sad. A shortbread is also a girlscout cookie ther (MORE)