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What is all in shortbread?

SHORT BREAD. 5 c. sifted flour 1 lb. butter 1 c. sugar. Cream butter and sugar together in a large bowl. Add flour and knead like bread until smooth. Pat out on a 15x10 (MORE)
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How do you make shortbread?

This is the way that my Scottish great-grandmother taught my mother to make shortbread and has since been passed to me. First you must absolutely use butter. No other fat w (MORE)
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Where does shortbread get its name?

There are at least two reasons shortbread is called shortbread. One is shortbread requires a lot of shortening to make and the other is the term short refers to the texture of (MORE)

Can you use margarine for shortbread?

yes, but do not use "lite" or "low-fat" margarine. If you make shortbread using margarine in place of real butter your shortbread will taste more like a store-bought, comme (MORE)

Can you eat raw shortbread?

Shortbread is usually just butter, sugar and flour, possibly with some salt and cornflour. No eggs. No milk. If each of the ingredients was safe to eat, so would the raw sh (MORE)
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What does maizena do in baking shortbread?

Maizena (cornflour) enhances the crumblyness of shortbread - since it is gluten free, it mixes in with wheatflour and disrupts the gluten bonds which would otherwise form. Ho (MORE)