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Where did the baseball term 'shortstop' originate?

    Origination of the Term Shortstop       I have always heard a couple of different answers to this question.     The one that I think makes the (MORE)

Where did the word shortstop in baseball come from?

I believe that the word "shortstop" was derived from the word "longstop", which is a position in Cricket.When Baseball was first being played, the position between 2nd base an (MORE)

What does shortstop in baseball do?

Shortstops have one main duty, fielding balls hit to their position. When a fly ball is hit to them(either a line drive or pop-up) the player has to catch it, making sure that (MORE)

What does a shortstop do in baseball?

Shortstop is a essential role in a baseball team. Without the shortstop the Left fielder would have a lot of running up to do. Another thing a shortstop does is help with doub (MORE)