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What does the shortstop in baseball do?

The short stop is usually the most athletic infielder he has to be able to cover a larger range of the infield. it is like the captain of the in flied besides the catcher.

What does shortstop in baseball do?

Shortstops have one main duty, fielding balls hit to their position. When a fly ball is hit to them(either a line drive or pop-up) the player has to catch it, making sure that (MORE)

What does a shortstop do in baseball?

Shortstop is a essential role in a baseball team. Without the shortstop the Left fielder would have a lot of running up to do. Another thing a shortstop does is help with doub (MORE)
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Who was the shortstoper for the braves?

As of now, Alex Gonzalez, who was accquired from the Toronto Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar. However, that may change soon because the Braves have a lot of solid minor league sho (MORE)

What does a shortstop in baseball do?

When looking from home plate to center field the Short Stop is located to the left of the second base bag. The SS has an array of jobs he must hold runners on, attempt pick of (MORE)
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Why is the shortstop position called shortstop?

Between 2nd and 3rd base is shortstop. It's called shortstop because you are stoping short between two bases! If you are reading this, I know it's really bad but I have no clu (MORE)

Why does baseball have shortstops?

The shortstop's role is almost identical to that of the 2nd baseman. Both players share the responsibility of 2nd base, although the 2nd baseman covers it more often. If you w (MORE)

Is there a shortstop in relationships?

comonly it is. You can be bored about the same guy/gal so you take a short break in your relationship but then you feel miserable and you make up again. I had a Boyfriend (he (MORE)