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Why do animals hide?

  they hide so that they can either catch their dinner or hide from being a dinner!! some animals can hide easier than others like tigers for inmstance they can hide very (MORE)

Where to hide from Tsunami?

The best place to go in the event of a tsunami is some place high  up, such as up a large hill or in a tall building.
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What rhymes with hide?

One Syllables:   Bide, bride, cried, dried, died, eyed, fried, guide, lied, pride,  plied, pied, ride, side, spied, snide, stride, slide, tied, tried,  tide, vied, wide, (MORE)

How do weasels hide?

Weasels are able to hide in tiny crannies and narrow holes. Weasels  are small animals that are furry and have sharp teeth.

How do you go into hiding?

If your a guilty of a crime you can stop reading here.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

How do bears hide?

My sister said they hide in caves and hibernate for winter they sometimes go in homemade caves are usually consistad of branches of tree's and bushes and they usually stalk up (MORE)