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When was xioalin showdown cancelled?

xiolin showdown was unfortunately canceled about 2005. that was my favorite television show because i absolutely love and sometimes dream about jack spicer the evil genius.
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How old is rai on xiaolin showdown?

In my view he looks just between the ages of 13 and 15 just about 14 1/2 maybe but he seems to make the inpression of a 13 year old entering the anger of a teenager.... maybe (MORE)
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Is there an online game for xiaolin showdown?

The only ones left are Sua Ping and Xiaolin Switcharoo. One is a simple memory game and one is a matching game. The old games from Kids WB have been unfortunately removed.
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How old is clay on xiaolin showdown?

They never say on the TV show but if i had to guess i would say he is the oldest of the Xiaolin Warriors and younger than Jack Spicer, so probably around 14. no. he is alot (MORE)
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What is the penultimate showdown in Harry Potter?

1. READ THE BLOODY BOOK!! 2. when Harry comes back to life, after Neville kills nagini, Harry faces Voldemort again for the final time, this is the penultimate showdown beca (MORE)
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Will xiaolin showdown have a fourth season?

Not exactly. They are making a TV series named Xiaolin Chronicles. It is the sequel to Xiaolin Showdown, but only 2 of the original voice actors are in Xiaolin Chronicles. The (MORE)
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Who is mr rogers in the ultimate showdown?

Mr Rogers was the star of a children's show in North America, Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood. Sadly, he passed away in 2003.
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Is Pokemon showdown safe?

No pokemon enslaves small animals and forces them into cockfights for your fun and profit #peta rights for all amimals #yolo#swag#justinbeaver