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What is the difference in meaning of screamed and shrieked?

No difference really, both mean a shrill and piercing cry. The old English word of 'scyrcke' listed in the early 1200's was translated into both scream and shriek. A scream ma (MORE)

What do the following lines mean The water-wraith was shrieking And in the scowl of heaven each face Grew dark as they were speaking?

The storm suddenly grew very fierce, the water aas if had spirit was shrieking, the atmosphere as very intense, everything was gloomy. A scowl on a persons face indicates ange (MORE)

Why does car shriek when starting?

The noise is usually caused from belts slipping. The most common  belt that causes that is the one that controls the power steering  pump. You can see if it is loose, worn a (MORE)