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What rhymes with shriek?

beak, bleak, cheek, creek, eek, freak, geek, Greek, leak, leek, meek, peak, peek, pique, reek, seek, Sikh, sheik, sleek, sneak, speak, squeak, streak, teak, tweak, weak, week, (MORE)
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What is the difference in meaning of screamed and shrieked?

No difference really, both mean a shrill and piercing cry. The old English word of 'scyrcke' listed in the early 1200's was translated into both scream and shriek. A scream ma (MORE)
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Why do people shriek?

Its maybe because they are frightened. Maybe they have shrieked because part of his/her family died, Maybe, a person might shriek because they are being bullied, and etc. Ther (MORE)