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Where is Hermes's shrine?

The ancient shrine, known as Hermes House, is located on the island of Delos, in Greece.
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What is a buddist shrine .?

A Buddhist Shrine can vary from place to place. The Indian Emperor Ashoka created large stone pillars with sacred Buddhist writings. Other Shrines could include temples or sim ( Full Answer )
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What is a shrine used for?

A Shrine is a memory of someone you love. If you really love somebosy you can go to a shrine (in a church in Christianity) and if you are a Buddhist you can have shrines at ho ( Full Answer )
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What items are on the shrine?

Theres Umm.... A Bell, A Candle, An Image Of The God, Incense Sticks, And A Tray For Hindus' To Offer The Gods Hope It Helped! [=
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What goes in the shrine?

Sacred objects that go in or on it. Start simple. Select what goes on the shrine by how meaningful it feels to you with regard to your spiritual journey. In other words, what ( Full Answer )
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Why do Buddhists have shrines?

A Shrine, whether it is a public shrine or a private shrine room, is used as a place of meditation and dedication to the ideals set forth by The Buddha.
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What is a shrine club?

a shrine club. is a club where one representitive from each religion, go to the sacred shine on top of mt. Everest. They recite prayers to eachother, then they L.A.R.P. to see ( Full Answer )
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Why is there no shrine for Muhammad?

Answer: Very good question. The reason why there is no shrine for Muhammad is the same reason why we Muslims do not draw images of Muhammad: We do not want to worship Muh ( Full Answer )
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What is shrine in Buddhism?

A shrine is a place where we Buddhists pay homage to Buddha for bringing us the Dharma and where we perform meditation. It usually consists of a statue or picture of Buddha, a ( Full Answer )