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How do you get record labels?

By being independent. Create, market, manufacture and distributeyour music on yourself. Cut out the middle-man and get more of yourprofits. This is true about the record labe (MORE)

What does a record label do?

  A record company signs an act and put them in the studio to record songs. They then make copies of the master recording and ship it to a distributor. The distributor is (MORE)

First record from Motown record label?

  The ambiguous answer is - The first record on the Motown record label is "BAD GIRL" recorded by The Miracles on label number G-1 in September 1959. Though the MOTOWN l (MORE)

What is the rarest vinyl record in the world?

I not sure if it is classified as the "rarest" as far as number of copies but I can say that I think the most expensive record is a copy of John Lennon's "Imagine" which was s (MORE)

What record label did the supremes record?

Motown records was the primary record label that the female Supremes featuring Diana Ross recorded on. Before finalizing on Motown label two recordings were made on Tamla labe (MORE)

Which are the rarest and most valuable Beatles records?

    According to The Longest List, the Beatles' That'll Be The Day has been estimated in worth of $180,000. Recorded in 1958 by the Quarry Men, Paul McCartney, John Le (MORE)

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