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Why do balls shrink?

Air can leak through most materials if given enough time. Rubbercan wear with time and air can leak through the cracks.
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Is it possible to shrink?

No, because you would lose your strength and would die of metabalic congestion. Yes, as people get older their back bone continues to be pulled closer to earth by gravity and (MORE)
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How can you shrink?

you can not really shrink... when you get older, your spinal cord gets shorter because the balls in between them (i forget their names) wear out, so that makes less room in be (MORE)

Why does shrink plastic shrink?

Shrink Wrap Film This also referred to as 'shrinkwrap' or shrink wrap film, is a plastic film made of polymers. Polymer, originally a Greek word, which roughly translated me (MORE)

Is Neptune shrinking?

Scientists think that Neptune (the 8th planet from the sun) is slowly shrinking, causing its interior to heat up. As this energy rises toward Neptune's surface, it produces cl (MORE)

Why is a shrink called a shrink?

The original concept of psychiatry was to reduce mental stress,colloquially to "shrink one's head" (apparently not related toactual shrunken heads ). Psychiatrists and psycho (MORE)