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How do you set up a shuffleboard table?

There is not much to set up. Just place your disks on the near sideof the table, take your sticks out and prepare to play. As formaintenance, though, it would be wise to inves (MORE)
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Is there an American shuffleboard company?

The Nidy Sports Construction Company is recognized as one of the industry leaders in shuffleboard construction and is based in Florida. Their site is here: http://nidy-spor (MORE)

How is shuffleboard similar to curling?

Both involve opposing players or teams sliding round objects down a long narrow playing surface towards a target, and trying to knock the other team's objects away from the ta (MORE)
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How heavy is one weight in shuffleboard?

I have three sets of weights. One set of weights weigh 345 gramseach, another 338 grams each and the third set weighs 340 gramseach. The heavier the weight, the slower it is.
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Where can you buy a shuffleboard table?

One can buy a shuffleboard table from all good toy stores and some homestores too. Alternatively, try specific game webpages, or Amazon and Ebay for a deal.
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Where can one purchase shuffleboard tables?

Shuffleboard tables can be purchased through a variety of retailers. Online retailers include Amazon and Champion Shufflboard. Retailers that offer both online and in store (MORE)