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Was there ever a basketball shutout?

Basketball shutouts are quite rare, but they do sometimes happen. These are virtually restricted to high school and amateur level. In the United States, high ranked schools ar (MORE)

What is the worst shutout in college football?

In 1916ish the Cumberland baseball team beat Georgia Tech 22-0. They planned to disband there football team, but Georgia Tech threatened to sue if they didn't play. As a resul (MORE)

What is a shutout?

A shutout can be in any sport. It simply means that the goalie in either hockey,soccer or and other sport where a goalie is required did not let in any goals.. However, in sp (MORE)

What is a baseball shutout?

A shutout occurs when one pitcher pitches a complete game without allowing any runs. If another pitcher comes in, neither is awarded a shutout, but the team can be said to hav (MORE)
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Who pitched the most shutouts?

Walter Johnson pitched 110 shutouts during his career (1907-1927).His career was mainly during the "dead ball" era, when a singleball was often used for an entire game and wou (MORE)

Who has the most shutouts in Brewers history?

Jim Slaton with 19. Slaton pitched 12 seasons for the Brewers (1971-1977 and 1979-1983) and had career numbers with them of 117 wins, 121 losses, 3.86 ERA, 364 games, 2025 (MORE)
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What is the theme of shutout?

A shutout is a term that is used in the sporting world when one team doesnÕt allow the other team to score they have been shutout. It is a great feeling for the winning to (MORE)