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Were Madeline Kahn and Gene Wilder ever romantically linked?

No. At the time of filming Young Frankenstein, he was married to his second wife (Mary Joan Schutz), who accused him of having an affair with Kahn (who was one of his co-stars (MORE)

How do you beat shao kahn in Mortal Kombat shaolin monks?

after u get him half way you hit him with the hammer. then he starts chasing you with it. u just run around hittting him with projectiles(fireballs/hats) but not to much cause (MORE)

What is Honda Si?

  Answer   The Honda Si is different from a Honda. Generally, the Si model offers more features than the non-Si model. Usually, a bigger engine, more instrument feat (MORE)

Where did Kasey Kahne get his education?

Kasey Kahne was born in Enumclaw, Washington. He grew up in the area, and went to school there. His bio is on his web page. Need a link? You got it. Kasey graduated in Janu (MORE)
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What skit did Madeline Kahn do with John Belushi singing I will follow him?

i'm not sure but if you have a subscription to Netflix you can look it up its on season one episode 19. great stuff might i add i love that sketch a whole bunch
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What was Robert E. Kahn was awarded the National Medal of Technolagy for?

 Internet pioneers Kahn and Vinton G. Cerf received the medal from  President Clinton for their joint development of TCP/IP protocol,  the common computer language that ga (MORE)