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What animals live in sichuan?

Some of the animals that live in Sichuan include the Pica and theCivet. Other animals in this area are the Asian black bear and theBlue sheep.
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What is the distance from Sichuan to Hong Kong?

Chengdu which is the capitol of the Sichuan province is approximately 845 miles from Hong Kong. I found this information on a website discussing Hong Kong's proximity to other ( Full Answer )
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How far from Wuhan to Sichuan?

It takes about 15 hours by train and 2 hours by flight. I am staying in wuhan.If you have any problem here, i am glad to help you. my
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What caused the Sichuan earthquake?

The earth quake was caused due to thrusting on longmensham fault. The deformatiobn of the rocks in the region was caused by the collision of the Indian and the eurasian tecton ( Full Answer )
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How is Sichuan changing?

people are managing to stay of the chocolate and eat fruit, this has decreased the amount of fat people in sichuan
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What is Sichuan Province?

Sichuan's province is in southwestern china with it's capital in chengdu. the current name of the province,sichuan is an abbreviationof si chuanlu, or 'four circuits of rivers ( Full Answer )
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How did people respond to the sichuan earthquake?

Well when the Earthquake occured millions of people were missing, millions of people were dead and millions of people left in poverty. Although this couldn't have been prevent ( Full Answer )
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What is the food Sichuan?

Si-chuan, also spelled Sze-chwan or Sze-chuan, is a province in south central China. Sichuan cuisine often contains food preserved through pickling, salting, and drying and ( Full Answer )