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Do you have to wear crash helmet on motorbike with sidecar?

You don't need to wear a crash helmet by law ,however, it as seen as safer. I'm afraid I have to disagree with the above answer, at least as far as the UK is concerned. The (MORE)

Does NJ require motorcycle endorsement fr a sidecar?

I asked and the answer is no. It is considered an extension of the motorcycle. But make sure it has lights and that passenger is wearing a helmet The question wasn't does a s (MORE)

What is the Neve Melbourne sidecar?

The Neve Melbourne "sidecar" is an audio mixing console made in the  1970's. A "sidecar" basically expands the input capacity of a  larger console. In this case the Melbourn (MORE)

Who won the Custom Rainier Motorcycle and Sidecar?

Summer 2012 Sweepstakes by Rainier Brewing Company Offered Two Motorcycles Painted with the Rainier Brewing Company Trademark. Red Leather Seats and Sidecars. No word on Winne (MORE)