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Age limit for riding in a motorcycle sidecar?

I assume you are asking about the minimum age "requirement" for children to be a passenger in a sidecar, versus an age "limit" when someone is too old to ride. The answer i (MORE)

Is it legal to have kids in carseats in sidecar?

Yes, it is legal to have kids in the sidecar in Norway! But different countries have different laws. In Norway the age of the kid as a passenger on a motorbike (sidecar o (MORE)

What is the Neve Melbourne sidecar?

The Neve Melbourne "sidecar" is an audio mixing console made in the1970's. A "sidecar" basically expands the input capacity of alarger console. In this case the Melbourne offe (MORE)

Can infant ride motorcycle sidecars in Texas?

Prior to September 1, 2009 there was no minimum age, height or weight requirement. HB537 passed in the 81st Legislative Session and it requires a passenger be at least five ye (MORE)

Do you have to wear crash helmet on motorbike with sidecar?

You don't need to wear a crash helmet by law ,however, it as seen as safer. I'm afraid I have to disagree with the above answer, at least as far as the UK is concerned. The (MORE)
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What is the recipe for bonefish grill sidecar?

CLASSIC SIDECAR WITH A MANGO TWIST ($5 All Day Every Day) Ingredients Volume Garnish Brandy - your favorite 2 oz Sugared Rim (wine glass) Patron Citronge (MORE)
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When were sidecars first used?

Sidecars were first used after the patent for them was given to W.J. Graham in 1903 although they were not in production till 1912. They were a regular item through the 1920's (MORE)