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What happened in Leningrad?

Leningrad is a Russian City. What happened was it was heavily  sieged by the Germans in the second World War. It is believed that  the siege killed 632,000 people.

Why did Hitler attack and siege Leningrad?

Hitler wanted Lennigrad because it held a large number of arms factories. He needed/wanted those supplies. It was also the former capital of the USSR and was a symbol of the R (MORE)

Where was Leningrad?

Leningrad is what we know as st. petersburg. It was originally known as St. Petersburg being renamed to Petrograd because it sounded too German. After the death of Lenin the (MORE)

What is a siege?

A siege is when a castle, fort, walled town or city is surroundedand nothing is allowed to get in or out. A siege usually continuesuntil the city (or otherwise) either surrend (MORE)

How long did the siege of leningrad last?

It started on 8th Sept 1941, and lifting of the siege took place on 27th Jan 1944 - some 872 days after it began.
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Why do a siege?

People used a Siege in Medieval warfare times to capture the enemy. The attackers would surround the castle and let no one in, and let no one out. The Siege would end when the (MORE)

What happened in the Siege of Leningrad?

The Siege of Leningrad,was a prolonged military operation undertaken by the German Army Group North against Leningrad in the Eastern Front theater of World War II. The siege s (MORE)

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