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What is the significance of the assassination in Sarajevo?

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand during a visit to the city of Sarajevo in 1914 sparked off World War I. The Archduke was the heir to the powerful Austria-Hungary empir (MORE)

What is a siege?

A siege is when a castle, fort, walled town or city is surroundedand nothing is allowed to get in or out. A siege usually continuesuntil the city (or otherwise) either surrend (MORE)

What happened in sarajevo on the 28th 1914?

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg were shot to death in Sarajevo, capital o (MORE)
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Why do a siege?

People used a Siege in Medieval warfare times to capture the enemy. The attackers would surround the castle and let no one in, and let no one out. The Siege would end when the (MORE)

What was the Sarajevo Incident?

IN JUNE 1914 ,the archdke franz ferdinand ,the heirv-apparantbto the throne of austria went on an official visit to sarajevo,the capital of bosnia . There ,on june 28,1914 ,he (MORE)

What happened in sarajevo?

There was a siege. Pretty much the Croats and osniacs wanted independents but the serbs did not so the sebs isolated the croats and bosniacs and cut off al resources. It was p (MORE)

What is the distance when driving from Sarajevo to Prague?

965 kilometres taking this route: Follow E73 ZENICA from Sarajevo thru Bosnia & Herzogovina, CROATIA, and HUNGARY to E65 to GYÖR (M1 via M0 to bypass BUDAPEST).Follow E65 thr (MORE)