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Where is the siena pianoforte today?

The Immortal piano is in Israel, After Hannah died the piano was sent to the auction house. Contrary to rumors that a private collector from japan bought it. They did not. It' (MORE)
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Why was Galileo sent to exile in Siena?

Because he asked to go there.   After Galileo put forth the idea that the earth revolved around the sun, there was a strong reaction from the Church. Up until the time of G (MORE)
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What was St. Catherine of Siena patron of?

•against bodily ills •against fire •against illness •against miscarriages •against sexual temptation •against sickness •against temptations •Alle (MORE)

Who was St. Catherine of Siena?

  St Catherine of Siena was a Dominican nun best known for her extraordinary piety and for her stigmata, wounds she received for her adoration of the cross. She is recogni (MORE)

What Famous preson went to Siena College?

Many famous people have attended Siena College. William J. Kennedy,  a Pulitzer Prize winning author, attended the college. In addition  many sports starts Marcus Faison, Bi (MORE)

What is portrayed in Lorenzetti fresco in Siena?

The "Allegory of Good and Bad Government" frescos in the Sala dei Nove, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena include several scenes on the walls of the room. The first is an allegory of Go (MORE)