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Who imperialized Sierra Leone?

First colonized in 1787 when the British founded Freetown (now the capital) as a settlement for Africans freed from slavery. The coastal region became a British colony in 1808 (MORE)

What are the natural resources in Sierra Leone?

Diamonds, titanium ore (rutile), bauxite, gold, iron ore, ilmenorutile, platinum, chromite, manganese, cassiterite, molybdenite, as well as forests, abundant fresh water, and (MORE)

Who found Sierra Leone?

Although Sierra Leone is said to be founded by a Portuguese trader Pedro da Cintra in 1462 and named it Serra de Leao, meaning "Lion Maintain" due to the fact that the mountai (MORE)

Is Sierra Leone rich or poor?

Sierra Leone is not a wealthy Country although there main export is diamonds they sell them for Illegal money such as guns to fight a war :).
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Is sierra Leone ledc or medc?

  An LEDC is a less economically developed country and so an medc is a more economically developed country. In my opinion Sierra Leone is an LEDC as there has been 11 year (MORE)
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Where did sierra Leone get its name?

  The year 1462 found Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra sailing the West African coast, more specifically passing the area known today as the Freetown Peninsula. It was (MORE)

Does Sierra Leone life in tribes?

The Limba are the indigenous people of Sierra Leone. They are tribal and speak a language that is unrelated to other tribal groups in the area. There are approximately 150 rur (MORE)
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What is the tallest mountain in sierra Leone?

The tallest mountain in sierra Leone are the TingI Hills.   Location of Tingi Hills Forest ReserveTingi Hills Forest Reserve is located close to Sierra Leone's eastern bo (MORE)