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What is the vegetation in sierra Leone?

There are various types of vegetation in Sierra Leone. Red  Mangroves, Oil Palms, Cotton trees, and Red ironwood trees are some  of the most common types of trees and vegeta (MORE)

Why is sierra Leone a genocide?

Sierra Leone is considered a Genocide because a Genocide is a mass killing over an area of one type or race of people. Sierra Leone's Genocide dealt with the Rebels dissagreem (MORE)

Did Jamaicans decend from Sierra Leone?

Jamaican are originally from Sierra Leone, historically after slavery most of them cannot speak the native language and found out that if they attempt in coming back to their (MORE)
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What do the Sierra Leone colors stand for?

The national flag of Sierra Leone was officially hoisted on April 27, 1961. According to the national constitution, the flag is a tricolour of green, white and blue and measur (MORE)
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When was Sierra Leone founded?

Sierra Leone declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1961 and officially became a republic in 1971. It has a population of around 6 million people.
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What is Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is a country on the West Coast of Africa, the capital city is Freetown. It speaks 24 different languages of which Krio is the largest.
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