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Why is gold mainly in the sierra Nevada mountains?

The gold formed by fluid inclusion in a 130-mile-long belt in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and not in the Mountains themselves. Gold was probably initially c (MORE)

Where are the sierra Nevadas?

The Seirra Navadas are in the centraleastern part of California and a part of it is in Nevade in the west. It is west of Death Valley. It is a mountain range known as a snow (MORE)

How was the Sierra Nevadas formed?

  Hi, uh, ok, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range wuz formed by 2 colliding plate boundaries tat collided and formed the Sierra Nevadas. thanks 4 reading!!!!   - created b (MORE)

What is older the sierra Nevada or the applacian?

According to Wikipedia, the Sierra Nevada began forming during the Triassic period, and the Appalachians were formed during the Ordovician period. This means that the Appalach (MORE)

How were the sierra Nevada mountains formed?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains formed by a thinning of the North American Plate which then cracked as a result of upward pressure. Huge blocks of rock containing huge chunks of g (MORE)

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How did the Sierra Nevada form?

The earliest granite was formed in the Triassic period. Toward the end of that period, and into the Jurassic period, the Nevadan orogeny occurred. Later, during the Cretaceous (MORE)
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