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Is sigh onomatopoeia?

In the right context, the word "sigh" can be onomatopoetic. The word "sigh" imitates, to a certain degree, what a sigh sounds like. Consider these lines by Theodore Roethke: (MORE)
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What is the sigh of love?

If the person you like flirts withypu that may mean that they like you but if they. flirt a whole lot that means that they do like you.

What rhymes with sigh?

shy, sty, bye, cry, die, dye, dry, fry, fly, guy, hi, high, my, nigh, pry, ply, sly, tie, try, thy lie, cry, die, dye, my, sigh, why, rye, tie, by, buy, die, dye, eye, fry, gu (MORE)
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Is sigh a noun?

Yes, the word sigh is a noun; sigh is also a verb. Examples: Noun: She let out a sigh as she paged through the photo album. Verb: I heard the wind sigh faintly as the sky g (MORE)
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What are the sighs of dehydration?

Signs of dehydration include dry or cracked lips, sunken eyes, lethargy, dark and/or strong-smelling urine, weight loss or abdominal pains.
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Is sighing an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Sighing is a verb form, or gerund (noun).It could only be an adverb as part of a participial phrase. Theadverb "sighingly" is virtually unused.

How do you sigh out from Facebook?

It is necessary to sign out if you are using a shared computer. But if you use your very own personal computer,you don't have to worry to get hacked for its tour own,but,unli (MORE)

Is sighing an onomatopoeia?

No, I don't think that sighing is an onomatopoeia because when you hear somebody sigh they it sounds nothing like the word. An onomatopoeia is a word that resembles a sound su (MORE)