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What is your sign?

What is your sign is a question that you might be asked by someone  who is interested in astrology and star signs in general. For  example, if you were born on February 23, (MORE)

What is a signing?

the way you get spelled is by the way someone sees you. how you carry yourself.   the way you think about yourself.   It is a method of communication for people that (MORE)
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What if a will is not signed?

If a testamentary insturment, as a purported will, is not signed, there is a good chance that it is not a will.   On the the hand, back to jurisdiction, the legal concepts (MORE)

What is the sign for on?

That depends on the definition of the word "on" that you want. Resubmit your question with a sentence using "on".
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What sign in?

When you whip your dick out and starts freaking yourself. I do it all the time, You should try it once When-you like it.

Do you have to sign in?

If you mean on this site, it is recommended that you become a member to access the full functionality of the site.
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What is a signs?

A sign is an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence  indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.