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What is a Signature?

Something that identifies you or something else. Eg your name is used to identify you as a person. Eg, Polar bear are know for their signature white fur.
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What if the will had a forged signature?

A christian father died interstate. His only daughter issued a legal notice to her two brothers and mother for partition the property of her father. They replied that he died (MORE)
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What is a key signature?

A key signature is the number of sharps or flats in a piece of music. . For example. C Major has no sharps. G Major has 1 Sharp. F Major has 1 Flat. B flat Major has 2 Fl (MORE)
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What are signature campaigns?

A signature campaign is the process of gathering enough signatures to get an initiative or referendum on the ballot.
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What is signature by procuration?

A signature by one person expressed to be on behalf of another, derived from the Latin "procurare" - to take care of. The phrase "per procurationem" (through the agency of) wa (MORE)
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What is a app signature?

Short for application signature. Specific signatures are required to consider an application complete. This section provides policy on who is required to sign an application a (MORE)
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What do signature Webkinz do?

They cost more but you give exclusive extra bonus gifts if you buy them. Otherwise they are the same as regular Webkinz.
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How do you get a signature on deviantart?

click on the bar that says "Deviant [username here]" and go on on the drop bar and click settings. go to the "Identity" part of the menu on the side of the screen. and you sho (MORE)
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What is the signature of an Email?

The signature of an email is how you sign your email messages. You can just type your name at the end of a message or even set up your email so that outgoing mail automaticall (MORE)
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What is the noun for signature?

The word signature is a noun, a singular , commonnoun ; a word for a thing. . The noun 'signature' is a concrete noun as a word for aperson's name written in their own h (MORE)