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What is Meter signature?

A Meter Signature is what's at the beginning of every music piece. The top number tells how many beats in a measure. The bottom number tells what note gets the beat. Example~ (MORE)

Does your signature have to be cursive?

Yes. In a letter to a close friend you may not have to, but as for formal letters, always sign cursive. ...that's not true. US law states "A signature may be written by hand, (MORE)

What is a key signature?

A key signature is the number of sharps or flats in a piece of music.   For example   C Major has no sharps   G Major has 1 Sharp   F Major has 1 Flat   B flat (MORE)

What is a digital signature?

Digital Signature is a mechanism for providing an extremely high level of trust that a signed data file is authentic, and tamper-free, typically using PKA. It is believed to b (MORE)

Can you have symbols in your signature?

  Your legal signature is the way you sign your name, but is meant to help prove your identity and should match the signature on your official identification. Symbols are (MORE)

Does your signature have to be your name?

waseem zaidi Not necessary.Even your signature can bear your short name or abbreviation also.
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What are signature campaigns?

  A signature campaign is the process of gathering enough signatures to get an initiative or referendum on the ballot.
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What is the signature of an Email?

The signature of an email is how you sign your email messages. You can just type your name at the end of a message or even set up your email so that outgoing mail automaticall (MORE)
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What is an voice signature?

Voice Signature is a new technique enables you to authenticate the text (or other mobile phone) message record with a voice signature. A service called My Electronic Evidence (MORE)