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How does a firearm silencer silence the firearm?

Generally speaking, it has baffles inside that trap the gases. See the associated link for diagrams. ADDING: Oh, and silencers are not really "silent" either. Most of them ma (MORE)

What is the Silence Group?

'The Silence Group' is a name used to describe an ultra secret shadow government that came to prominence in the 1950's through Major Donald E Keyhoe, a well respected UFO rese (MORE)

What is silence cloth?

  Silence Cloth is used on a dining table under the table cloth. It is a thick felt fabric that adds a soft barrier between china and silver and the wooden or glass table (MORE)

What does silencer do on a gun?

More properly called noise suppressors, they lower the loudness of the gunshot.   Don't be fooled by the near silent 'thub thub' that silenced guns make in a movie - a s (MORE)
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What is the function of silencer?

  The main function of Silencer is to reduce noise & to transmit exhaust gasses to the atmosphere BUT it also serves some more function 1. Decrease fuel consumption 2. (MORE)

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Why is silence golden?

"Silence is Golden, But my eyes still see," means it is sometimes  better to keep quiet and watch or observe what is going on around  you. Think before you speak.    (MORE)

Can revolvers be silenced?

Most revolver designs cannot be suppressed. The gap between the front of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel permits a large amount of gas to vent, which will still create (MORE)

Can a magnum be silenced?

It can be suppressed somewhat, but the loud report of the magnum round surpassing the speed of sound causes it to make a mini sonic boom, defeating the entire enterprise. You (MORE)

How do you silence a narcissist?

You call them out for what they truly is and you distant yourself  for your own mental protection. You make a success out of your own  life and live happily.
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