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Where is Silesia?

Silesia is a historical region of Central Europe located mostly in present-day Poland, with parts in the Czech Republic and Germany.
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Why shouldn't Bohemia and Alsace and Lorraine and Silesia and Pomerania be returned to Germany?

1. The population of Alsace and Lorraine is and regards itself as French; the population of Bohemia (more properly Czechia) is now and has been overwhelmingly Czech since the ( Full Answer )
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Why did Frederick of Prussia invade silesia?

He had demanded Maria Theresa to cede the territory to Prussia in exchange for the recognition of the Pragmatic Sanction that gave Maria Theresa control of the Hapsburg domini ( Full Answer )
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What languages are spoken in silesia?

Silesia is located in Poland, Germany, and the Czech republic. Inhabitands speak the languages of their 3 respective countries.
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Who is silesia?

Silesia is a where not a who. It's a region in central Europe that on modern day maps would be mostly in SW Poland with small parts in Germany and Czech Republic.
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Is Germany a part of Silesia?

Silesia lies in South of Poland, it's capital is Katowice. It used to belong to Germany but it doesn't anymoe.
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What is Silesia and where is it?

Silesia is a region in central Europe. It is mostly in Poland, with parts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also Germany.