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Where is Silicone Valley located?

In Northern California, the Silicon Valley lies within the lower part of the San Francisco Bay Area. To be more precise, Silicon Valley runs along the peninsula from Palo Al (MORE)

What is The silicon valley of Europe?

FinlandOtaniemi - near Helsinki FranceRennes Atalante - Rennes-Saint-Malo Sophia Antipolis - between Nice and CannesZ.I.R.S.T. of Meylan - close to Grenoble GermanyChausseestr (MORE)

Why is silicon valley called silicon valley?

Computers used to be huge machines that took up an entire room or even floor of a building. This was because they were filled with thousands of vacuum tubes which were about t (MORE)

How did the silicon valley get its name?

Silicon Valley was the area of California in which the Computer Age began in America. It is the place where the majority of the US computer chips are designed and manufactured (MORE)

Reaction paper of pirate of the silicon valley?

"THE PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY"        The movie also emphasized the negative qualities of the two gentlemen that are now having big names worldwide. Despite of (MORE)

Why is Bengaluru called the Silicon Valley of India?

  Answer   Bangalore has been the IT capital of India since the late 1980s. In many ways, the culture, climate and progressive nature of entrepreneurs of Bangalore a (MORE)

Where is the silicon valley?

The Silicon Valley is the center of technology located in the San fransico Bay Area in Northern California contrary to popular belife the Silicon Valley is not just miles of v (MORE)

Why pursue MBA in silicon valley university?

Silicon Valley University is an academic institution accredited by the Accrediting Council for independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award bachelor's degrees and master' (MORE)

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